My New Ride!!!

Sooooo....I got a new ride last week! I'm totally lovin' it too!!!

Mom and I are "technically" sharing it until she gets brave enough to take over....then I'll go and get me one that I really like!!! But in the mean time...it sure is ALOT of fun!.........A Chick drivin' a Bike....how hot is that??? =)


He Did It!

Well my little...or should I say younger (because he clearly isn't little!) brother has graduated from the 'Ville! WHOOP WHOOP!

And now for the walk down memory lane....

So I was the only child for 4 years and 11 months when he came along...and believe me...I was NOT happy about it. I didn't want anything....nothin....but if I had to have something then I wanted a sister. heh....and since they gave me a brother I thought...boy will I show them!
So for ALOT of years my cousin and I pretended Trent was a girl! Dressed him up in girly clothes, told him to carry a purse, etc! It was great! (well Dad didn't like it much...but I sure did!) hehe.Hey it was only necessary...the boy took my playroom because he apparently needed a "room of his own"...yet he still stayed with me in my room!
Well a few years goes by and Trent asks for one of those power wheels....and got it.......GRRRR! I had asked for a barbie car for a long time and never got it(I understand now that they were extrememly expensive back then...but still...NO FAVORITES HERE OK!?!?!) So, of course, he got one....and proceeded to drive past me back and forth, everyday, rubbing it in my face. Soo.....I broke his arm! hehe! Not really on purpose but I did pull on the hammack a little too hard! What?....we were playing buckin' bull! MUAHHAAHHAA! ;)
So he's now almost 18 and attending college in the fall! We have sooo much fun together now! Even though I might have wanted a sister 18 years ago...I wouldn't trade my bubba for the world! He's my D.L.M. and I'm crazy about him! (If you don't know that inside joke...I can only tell you in private!!hehe) He's a CraZy ol country boy with his jacked up truck, CB antennas that you can contact NASA with, anything and everything that pertains to John Deere he has it, and tops it off with a freakin nice motorcycle!...but I sure do love him!

TRENT~ "Ain't no Mountain high, ain't no valley low, ain't no river wide enough baby!..... If you need me call me, no matter where you are, no matter how far..."


Not your traditional "farm"

Ok....so my family has LOTS of animals out on our "farm"....only most of them are not what you would consider regular farm animals because they are all...well.... for the most part, "non-traditional". But there is one special guy, in my opinion, worth mentioning. His name....L.D. (also known as Little Dummy!).

See my dad went to the sale barn a few years ago and saw this little guy up for sale. Only he was going for really really cheap. Why you ask? Well when L.D. was just a tiny baby he ran into a barbed wire fence poking one of his eyes in. That eye no longer works, not to mention not a pretty sight for us to look at either, but none the less he's a Beautiful horse!...... Miniature horse that is! That's right...this little guy stands approximately 3 feet high. My brother's golden retrievers are bigger than L.D..... just for comparison wise!

Well this stud horse of ours not only thinks he's a race horse (he's successfully managed to run down a trail along the fence where he anxiously awaits the... 4 cars that do happen to live past us....and will race them all the way to the end! He really likes it when people turn into the driveway so he can race 'em even further!....Sometimes I let him win! hehe), but he's also quite the "ladies man"! This cute thing has got not 1, not 2, but 3 women in his life! All who are cute....but no offense...ain't got nothin on him!

But the coolest thing ever about this guy (and I just discovered he could do this a little while ago), but he knows how to shake!...yes...the horse knows how to shake hands! How cool is that!

From Exotic birds....to miniature horses....to pet deer....Needless to say...there's never a dull moment around our place! I think we should start chargin admission! =)


A Single Mother of 2 Now!!!

That's right...I am now a single mother of 2.....2 very very very different kids! So as you all know (and for the ones that don't....now you do), that I have been wanting another dog. And not just any dog to be a brother or sister to my Little Noah, but a GREAT DANE!.....I told myself that, to be fair, I would wait till my lease was up to get one so he or she could have a yard to run and play in.....Well.....this past weekend I was in the 'Ville and I was riding with my mom and grandma when mom says "oh look...Great Dane puppies for sale".... I said..."aw....well lets just go look at em!" So we did! Long story short....I fell in love...and am now a proud parent of a Brindle Great Dane...who shall be called DIESEL! (actual birth record says: Diesel Power Stroke!) I thought that name would fit this kiddo perfectly (maybe not right now....but definitely later!) He is a registered Dane who's dad weighs 170 pounds and the mom is runnin a close race behind that. There is no tellin how big this ol boy will turn out...but none the less...I love him already! He was 7 weeks old Saturday, weighing in at 11.5 pounds already!!! Born March 25th, 2006! He's just too irresistible I tell ya! He's already towering over Little Noah...who is almost 5!!! They seem to be getting along pretty good...they played yesterday...but Diesel doesn't understand to be easy with the little guy yet....don't let Noah's size fool ya though...he stands his ground and lets him know that isn't gonna fly around here!!! I'm sure he will still be King of the house!!!

So today was the first day he was left alone....I'm training him in the Kennel first....until I can trust him more! I was gone for 9.5 hours today and NO accidents in the crate!!!! NONE!!! I was sooo excited!!! (hope I don't jinx it). Maybe all those middle of the night trips outside paid off already....sheesh I sure am tired from it! I've forgotten how much work a new baby is....



Cinco de Mayo!

Well I had to write and tell you about last night. So I went over to my friend Melissa's house and the agenda was to just watch some movies....well we got hungry so we decided to order Uncle Julios and have it delivered. After calling like 12 times, only to find out that 1. they dont' take orders over the phone and 2. they dont take reservations over the phone either (ok...well what do you do on the phone then...sheesh)...we decided to just go up there and eat.

The wait was almost an hour so we convinced the manager dude to just serve us our appetizers outside...(which totally worked! whoop whoop) We were sitting right at the entrance/exit (where everyone had no other choice but to go by us!!) We all (me, Melissa and her sister) had a Blue Rita...which was unbelievably awesome....You should try em!!
Well Being that it was Cinco de Mayo we proceeded to tell everyone that came in or out "HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO"....well to any normal person that wouldnt be so funny...however it was 3 VERY white girls...all with blonde hair....telling EVERONE that came by this!!!

One of the funnier moments was when an old guy walked by...we told him all together "happy cinco de mayo" and he looked up and laughed. Melissa told him we were "celebrating our heritage"...he was like "oh...ok?" (a bit confused that we were 3 blonde, white girls)...I said "yeah, can't you tell? See I'm sportin my wife-beater!!" hehe.... I really was wearing a wife beater....(because we were just supposed to be watchin movies...remember!) Melissa then tells this guy that she is "Spanish...you know...with blonde hair and blue eyes"...he says..."whatever, but Cinco de Mayo is a celebration for the Mexico Mexicans"...she said..."um...spain/mexico....same thing!" hahahhahah....

Anyways...it was terribly funny! Apparently we were quite the entertainment because we managed to get our entire meal paid for...with the exception of one drink.... haha!! Ah...good times...good times!


Stars Game!!

So I took my brother to the Stars game last night!!! First timers!!! Neither one of us knows anything about Hockey other than they fight...ALOT! So what they hey right?

Well we get there with about an hour to spare so we go and eat at this place called Dicks last resort! Well let me just tell you...when I left there..I thought..."dang they are rude there...I will never come back!" But it wasn't unitl today when I was informed that that's the point....oops...hehe! So we were in a hurry so I told the waiter that we were ready to order. He looks at me and asks "do you know what girls hate the most?" ...umm no what? Then he preceeds to take his hand and messes up my hair (of which I had just fixed.... I mean SERIOUSLY!) So after we get our food I tell him we want the check...he says ok...and throws a crinkled up napkin at my head! OMG! Trent was like..."he just cut his tip in half!" hehe!!! (we didn't cut his tip in half...but still! We didn't know they were supposed to act like... well you know...) We ended up takin a picture of him just because!! hehe
So we get up to the game...finally and we are front row joe I tell ya!! AWESOME!! the first time they slammed up against the glass I was totally freaked out and must have jumped 10 rows back! hehe! We soooo didn't know that they just let em duke it out in the fights!! We were entertained like 5 years olds at the carnival!!! Well at the beginning we were amused at the fact that you could see our heads on TV...so everytime they would get close to us I would say "now!" and he would waive his hand or his hat so we could see ourselves!! I know I know...easily amused...us country folk don't get out much I tell ya! :)

But the game was awesome! Had a blast hangin out with the Bro! I love him to death! He even helped me take pictures of hotti 2 hottie # 44 Jason Arnott! (I think I might have to attend more games now~ Maybe I'll wink at him next time!!) Oh...while we were there of course the stinkin KISS CAM came around...he leans over to me and says "if that thing shows us...you aren't gonna kiss me are ya?" haha...it was hilarious! I was like..."um no...sorry pal..you're on your own! Duck down if ya have to!!" ah...good times...good times!

The ride home was a blast! We are as WHITE as they come, but we sure act like we can dance!!! Finished up the night with our traditional duet..."Ain't no Mountain High!" Great time!

I love you SHRANT....(my D.L.M!!)



Well news to everyone...Nikki had never been to a Karaoke bar. Until Now!! Last night a few of us decided we would head on down to Snookies to have a little fun! And fun my friend...is what we had!! Might of got a little crazy before hand too =)

So when we get there we immediately grab the song book and start huntin! Now there was no way that I was getting up there by myself so Audrae and Mary were to help me pick out a song for all of us to sing! We all agreed upon the Mindy McCready song "Guys do it all the time"!!!

We sang our little hearts out!!! We really showed those guys we weren't playin around =)

So we only sang one song...but sure made a statement doin it. Well while some city boy was singin "boot scootin boogy" I secretly danced behind some random guy who totally didn't know I was there! Which made it all the more fun! I think everyone in that place saw me....but him!! hehe! One things for sure...I will be makin more appearances to places like this! I have more statements to prove to those silly boys out there! ;)


Eli Young~

Wow is about the only word that describes last night! We had soo much fun! Lets see... we started the night with a margarita or 2 (ok maybe a few!). There was probably 10 or so people over hangin out with us for the Eli Young Pre-Party. Took plenty of pics,

then decided to head on over to Horsemans! Somewhere in between Melissa's and walking in Horseman's I managed to slice my foot open. How you ask?? Hmmm...good question...Not really sure! Still tryin to figure that one out. One things for sure it bled like a stuck hog! :) So not only did I manage to slice my foot open, I lost an earring there as well. SHEESH!

Once we got there...we danced danced danced! Oh how I love to dance! We met some random guy with a huge sombrero that of course we HAD to take a picture with!

Had tons of fun with tons of people! Apparently when no one but your friends ask you to dance, you lose an earring, damage your foot and have a few margaritas...you dance with stars (literally) that light up on the floor!!

~What a NiGhT~


Oh What Pranksters....

So in an earlier post I mentioned that I would be bloggin about a funny story that happened while I was in the 'Ville! So....here goes...

A few years ago my family and I decided to plot a little revenge on my dad for always falling asleep while watching movies with us. I know you all are laughing because you know that I'm the Queen of falling asleep through movies...heck I rarely make it through the credits!!! hehe. Well for whatever reason... I was awake and kickin that night. So after Dad fell asleep we whipped out the fingernail polish. When he fell asleep we painted his toe nails!!! Now we would have done the fingernails too but he did have to go to work the next morning...(hey that was nice of us right?)

Being that I don't live at home anymore...my mom and brother have both been paid back. Dad decided that his revenge would be to write all over our faces with permanent marker. He really got them good I heard!!! Well I thought he might have forgotten about the whole deal cuz I hadn't suffered the consequences...until now. We were all watchin TV and yep....you guessed it... I feel asleep! I woke up the next morning only to find markings ALL over my face! What is really scary is the fact that I didn't wake up for any of it. Maybe it's because I'm home and safe and really have nothin to worry about. I don't know, but still....how I don't wake up for this....

Can you believe that??? Real funny eh??? Don't worry....What goes around comes around....AGAIN!!!! hehe (by the way...that was nothin a little rubbing alcohol couldn't take off!!!) If you got any payback ideas...I'm all ears!!! YAY!


~Ok...So I'm a Bit OCD~

Well I guess the first step of recovery is admitting you have a problem right? Or so I've heard!! Soooo..."My name is Nikki and I have self-diagnosed myself as having OCD!" Here's a little background on me and OCD. (I hear writing it all out is therapeutic or something like that....Hope it helps!!) hehe

Ok...well as you know, I went home this weekend to visit the Fam! While I was there, Mom and I were sittin around watchin TV. Up on the top of this TV sits blocks that read "God Bless Texas." No big deal right? Well they sit stacked with one on top and two on the bottom. The bottom 2 are supposed to be angled out away from each other while still touching at the back edges.......WELL....they weren't....there was a space in between them. Now I kept telling myself...it's no big deal...leave it alone...however, my eyes kept being drawn up there looking at it. So after about 10 minutes of having an internal fight with myself...I jumped up out of the chair and fixed the dern thing...SHEESH! My mother seemed to get a good laugh out of it!! (at least someone was right?!)

Well if you think that's bad...just wait! I can't really remember when this started but I do know it's been a really long time now. Most people don't know about this...and now that I'm sharing it with everyone...I'm afraid I might regret it soon! :) Ok...so I have this thing about being even....but only within myself. (I know...it's weird) For example: if someone comes up to me and massages or squeezes one shoulder/arm/leg etc....I will either ask them (depending on how well I know em) if they can massage the other side...or I will simply just do it myself! Now to go even crazier than that...if someone pokes me on one side...I have to...yes...poke myself on the other. (Dad gets a kick outta doin this to me I might add!) So this also includes doin the exact same amount of exercises on both sides while workin out. While running on the roads..I have to go down one side of the road and back up the same side so that I will ...Yes...be even on both sides! It's a crazy/freakish thing (like I don't have enough of that in my life right?) Maybe it's a phase...maybe not...one things for sure...it's gonna drive me to drinkin...more margaritas that is!!! And I'm ok with that =)

Crazy???? Maybe!! hehe


PrIsOn BrEaK rEtUrNs!!

So for all you addicts...such as myself...Prison Break is returning tonight!!! Now last season they got all the way up to 36 hours before execution and then it ended...so it's pickin back up there tonight...(after making us wait like 4 months...sheesh). Now I'm not real sure how this is gonna last for a whole other season with only 36 hours left until they HAVE to break out. And being that the title is Prison Break...I really don't care to know what happens after they get out...just stinkin break out already!!!

So this show is stinkin awesome...and not too mention having one H.O.T. guy like Wentworth Miller in it....*sigh* It makes the show twice as good! hehe! So get updated on what happened last season and watch it tonight (so we have something to talk about with each other!!....Hey it's either talk about this show or American Idol!!! You decide!) =)


A Good 'Ole Weekend in the 'Ville

Well I hadn't been back home since some time in January and my dad was sure lettin me know about it! So I went home and just hung out with the Fam!! Always good!! Friday night we all just hung out and watched our recorded shows that we all needed to be caught up on. Saturday mom and I went ShOpPiNg!!! (hey...that's just what girls do!!) We went to this shop in Dublin called "Diva Accessories" and this store has the CUTEST stuff ever! Lots of bling bling!! Which I love! Got me some sunglasses with pink rhinestones around the eyes, 2 watches (1 camo, and one pink of course), a pink rhinestone ring with a star in the middle, a hair clip and a pink hat!!! They are all sooo cute! I'll be all blinged out now! hehe.

So I got made fun of the other day because I didn't know how to make tea without a tea-maker machine. So to avoid all this non-sense I got a tea-maker this weekend!! It's totally cute and I like anything that does all the work for me!!! I did also get a magic bullet (like the one on tv) this thing is the coolest, and being that I'll be by myself for a while it's the perfect little size to make for just me!! Now I can make me a margarita and not have tons left over!!! You guys should really consider purchasing one of these....it does a million different things!

Today we all went to church, then came home and watched "The Notebook"! I could watch this movie everyday I think! It's sooo great! And one day I'll be someone's "Sweetheart" too!!! You can bet on that!!! Well that was my weekend in a nutshell. My mom is sending a few pictures to me tonight so I'll post about that funny story next!

~Till then~

A Good 'Ole Weekend in the


Swim Suit Body Mission!!!

So Melissa and I have decided to get on a mission....a rock-hard, swimsuit body mission! So far...so good!!! (technically we started this process a while ago...but just recently came up with a name for it!! hehe).

I was lookin through the fitness magazine the other night and saw the whole article on Sheryl Crow and her freakin nice body. We decided if she can look like that at age 43...we can too at age 23!! (granted computers make her look even better...but still!) So today we ran 3 miles and biked 12!! Go us!! All together this week (from Sunday to Saturday) we have done a total of 24 miles!!! And we ran 12 of that! Dang we're good! (and that was even taking 3 days off for me being sick.) Tomorrow for the start of our new week...we are running 6 miles!! (wish us luck...or pray for us one that we make it home alive!!) hehe! We haven't decided how many we will bike yet though (guess it depends if we can still use our legs after the run!)

So in about a month or so, you see 2 hot chicks in nothin but a swimsuit with rock-hard bodies.................................You'll Know!!! =)


What a night!!!

Ok so last night was a freakin BLAST!!! Rascal Flatts put on one of the best shows I've ever seen! Not to mention Keith Anderson and Blake Shelton opened up for them!!! 3 great artist all in one night??...Can't get much better than that!!!! So let me tell you about the highlight of the show. We are in the upper level but directly across from the stage. Good seats but not anywhere near the stage. Well about half way through the show they get on a platform and lock themselves in with a rope...the platform raises up and carries them across the stadium...YES CLOSER TO US!!! There was another small platform on our side of the stadium and they sang/played RIGHT THERE! They were sooo close!
I can't even begin to expain how much fun this was!! Not too mention the 2 most hilarious people I went with!!! We laughed soo much! So the ride home was stinkin fun...(we had to entertain ourselves for the 2 hour ride home) I won't tell you everything...but I will say there was plenty of laughing, singing, and lots of pee breaks on the side of the road!!) WHOA...that was a late nighter...let me tell ya...cuz then we went downtown to Neon Moon and closed down that place as well!!! The last 2 nights have been extremely late nights...but oh sooo worth it! Friday night we all went to horseman's to see Roger Creager!!! (closed that place down too!! hehe but I'll post about that next!)

One things for sure...the 3 of us can have one heck of a time!!! We are already plannin the next big concert road trip!!!



Ok...so I know I'm back tracking a tad but I haven't had much time to blog lately. So we all went to Horseman's to see Roger Creager! Had a blast...he even signed my shirt!! But anyways, we had a good time and danced the night away. Met a hot firefighter that a friend of mine brought a long!! Good dancer...just a little short for me!!! :) So Audrae and I had to go to the bathroom like every 5 minutes it seemed like...and of course we had to go together! But we kept running into this guy that was soooo tall. Well we finally get the nerve to ask him how tall he was and he was 7 foot 1. OMG...that's huge (not cute at all by the way). Well to make a long story short, as the night went on, every where we went there he was (maybe it was just more obvious because he was sooo tall). So at one point there was about 4 of us girls standin around talkin...along with 2 of our guy friends....and the giant happened to be standin next to me, facing the other way talking to his group when Kim reaches over, pinches his butt and hides behind some random person. Jolly Green Giant turns around and yep...I'm the only one standin there.......AAAAAGGHHHH!!! ( I will kill her by the way when she least expects it!!) I was like "uh uh...I swear it wasn't me..." .... yeah...like he believed that I'm sure. Needless to say he followed me around the rest of the night. UGH! All I gotta say is..."What goes around comes around my friend!" hehe~


AnD tHe CoUnT dOwN bEgInS!!

Only 5 more days till the greatest day ever!! (well atleast in the month of March anyway!) Yep! Rascal Flatts Concert!!! Have I mentioned before how I love these guys? :) They are just GrEaT!! So yes...this coming Saturday a few friends and I will be attending one hell of a concert! They just so happened to be playing in Wichita Falls and that being only about an hour and a half away...we just couldn't resist! (however I would probably go out of state just to watch em!! hehe) So you and your friends should get some tickets and join us for a good ole time!! What ya say??

~" That God Blessed the Broken Road...that let me straight to you"~


My BaBy Is SiCk =(

I came home today and found my little Noah all kinds of sick =( He usually gets all excited when I get home...and he sure tried today...but he just didn't have it in him. I go to pick him up and he just hung his head down. Throwing up everywhere...EW Poor thing...I even had to hold him over the toilet to puke (hey...I didnt want it on my floor...and it's too cold to make him stay outside...the boy has negative body fat!) I'M FREAKIN OUT HERE.... this is my baby...the only male that has my heart and who has had it for 5 years (well with the exception of my Daddy of course). I got him some medicine but he's just not up to par yet =(

*for those of you who know me...you know how much this little 4 pounder means to me... If something were to happen to him...it would be BAD....REAL BAD...
*any advice on Dog sickness would be oh sooo helpful right now*

Who who what?

Ok...so as you all know I'm sooo addicted to American Idol! Well the greatest thing ever is happening this week! Tonight there was a 2 hour show (always good!)...Tomorrow is another 2 hour show (even more wow!) and then Thursday a 1 hour show!! That's 3 and 1/2 more hours than a normal week!! GREAT! :) I'm way excited! Although I watched it religiously last year and was torn between Bo and Carrie...I hope I can get that into it this year!...but it's just starting...so there's always hope! So far it's Kellie Pickler and Mandisa who are my fav's...but the guys sing tomorrow...and it could all be a different story by then!!

American Idol Addict!


Oh how I love to dance!!

So I made my first of many appearances to The Horseman's Club last night!! There wasn't a concert going on so it was just the DJ. Let me tell you how much fun I had!! I had been dance deprived for almost a year ( for reasons I'd really not care to get into) and so a few months ago I've found myself back into it!! Oh how I've missed it!!

So anyways...we go to Horseman's and have a blast! While we were enjoying a drink we get to watching some of the couples dancing...well one in particular. They had clearly been dancin with each other for quite sometime...hince their age...but needless to say they definitely were in sync! We watched them for a while trying to decide if we could dance like they were. They did a WHOLE LOT of turns...but not your usual country dancing turns where the guy just spins the girl...no they were turning with each other! They made it look soo simple. So we decide we wanna try it out...WHOA! The first 50 or so times...weren't so smooth. I'd be off balance...then he would be...then we would both be and it just became a mess! We would try for a few songs...then rest/watch. (well mainly we watched because that's when they would play what I call "booty" music.) Yes...you see I (among many other white people) suffer from a disease called CRD "Caucasian Rhythmic Disorder"! Oh yes...there is such a thing! :) So while we watched other CRD patients attempt to dance like this we would work it out in our heads what we needed to do to accomplish this dance....rest for a while and hit the floor again! Well after many many more tries...and ultimate frustration...WE DID IT!!! Out of no where we pull it off...in sync and all! We had to pause in the middle of the song just to celebrate!!! Way fun! After that...we had it and it was no big thing!!

Can't wait to dance more and learn more things!! One things for sure...I will be becoming a regular at Horseman's...(and more places like it!!)

~"I hope you dance"~


Ok....so since about 8 p.m. Thursday night...my body officially went into shut down/hibernation mode. There is just something about cold weather that my body just can't take. If there is one thing I hate the most (well behind cheaters and liars) is being COLD...burrr!! Just thinking about it gives me the chills! While I've been at home this weekend I've worn layers upon layers. I have even been sleepin in sweats (tops and bottoms) the last couple of nights....with the electric blanket on HIGH!!! hehe. I do have to confess that the electric blanket has been on just about every night since before Christmas!!! Did I mention how I hate to be Cold??? lol. Anyways...I hear there's hope though!! Tomorrow will start the long and slow process of warmer weather. Now don't get me wrong...I won't start taking off layers until it's well into the 60's...but atleast I will be able to walk outside and not be shocked by breath-taking temperatures!

~Happy Warmth~


I love this weather!!!

WOW!! So today was absolutely wonderful!! (the weather that is) It was about 80 degrees! You just can't let a day like this just waste away so after work I went down to Trinity Trails and ran about 4 miles!! It was so nice just to get outside! I'm like a little kid when it comes to warm weather and Summer time...I don't like to come inside till it's dark! hehe

So as good as the weather was today...I hear it's not gonna last very long...after all it is TEXAS we are talking about. Supposedly it's supposed to ice over on Friday and be awfully cold/icy all weekend long. :( That really stinks....when it gets like 60 degrees...I'm looking for cover! My body doesn't handle the cold very well!! So I guess happy nice weather now...and happy warmth in a few!?!?!?!

~till then...



So I decided to take my bike down to Trinity Trails today and ride for an hour or so. This wasn't my first rodeo of this, so it really wasn't a big deal....until now!

Ok...so I get down to the trails and get all set to go. I get my MP3 player ready and I have Noah in my back pack on my back! Now for just a little history with that...if I go on a bike ride I usually always take Noah! He likes to poke his head out of the bag and look around. Well the back pack that I usually use is getting on up there in the years so the zippers aren't the best quality. It's getting to the point where I have to check on him pretty often because the zippers tend to slide down (causing him to fall out a time or too). So this time I decided to try something new and use a bag that drawstrings at the top...thinking this should work right?? Well I'll get back to that a little later!!!....

So I've gone about 30 minutes now on my bike...just pedaling away...when I notice that it's getting awfully hard to pedal. I look back and my back tire is completely flat... I then try to adjust the gears (just to make it the easiest till I can get back to my car)...WELL...sure enough...my gears were shot. WHAT??? I'm 30 minutes, by bike, away...and have no other choice now but to start walkin! I decided that the bike is not even worth being pushed back...being that I bought it over 5 years ago and it would just be easier to get a new one. Soo.... I leave it (parked in a bike rack) and start headin home. (I thought...if someone wants to steal it...go ahead...you won't get very far!!)

Well I've been walking now for about 15-20 minutes when I decide to look back and check on little Noah. I noticed that he was facing me and was looking straight up. Now this is odd because he's always facing out looking at everything...so I swing the bag around to the front to see what's goin on. Apparently the bag was tightening with each step I made and my little love's was being choked!! AGHH! Let's just say that the bag was soo tight I couldn't even get my fingers in it to loosen it. When I did get it loosened...thankfully he wasn't gasping for air!! Just a few cackling noises!!! Needless to say he didn't poke his head out the rest of the way!! OOPS!!! (he's ok though...and he still loves me!!! and that's all that matters!!)


A night in Dallas!

Yesterday I went to Dallas for the day! I went to Sam Moon and fought the crowd! OMG it's crazy in there! Did get alot of cool stuff though...so no complaints on this end! After I went there I went over to my friend Justin's house... further into Dallas (not somewhere I like to be...again...crazy down there!) But we hung out for a while and decided to go eat. We went to a place called TwoRows..(very good I might add!). After that I was craving ice cream..I know I know...coldest night of the year and I want something cold! No shocker really...I even like hot tubs in the summer! :) So after I had my ice cream fix..we decided to go down to Gilley's to see Roger Creager!! Well really we go to dance and occasionally watch the bands!! Justin's my dancin' partner!! As long as he's around...I KNOW I can always dance!! We have been dancin' since "Backforty" (our friends) started playing out at Hard 8!!! (if you ever get a chance to make it down to Stephenville and eat at Hard 8....I highly recommend it!! SOOO GOOD!! Anyways...we get down there and see a huge line (nothing like Billy Bob's that night...but a line none the less). Being that it was FREEZING outside we (well I) was trying to decide if I wanted to wait in that line. After 20 minutes of going back and forth...we go for it. Pull into the parking lot and the guy says "sold out...sorry!" Well...so much for that eh? Don't worry...we won't let the night just go to waste! We go down to an Irish Pub!! First timer here!! It was fun...weird...but fun! As soon as we got there we get asked by some couple what our heritage is. (I have no idea...much less care.) Apparently this couple was trying to guess what heritage people were by looking at them. He guessed I was Polish. I just told him "sure...I'll be polish!" (anything to shut them up so I could pleasantly enjoy my Corona with extra lime!!)
Anyways...the night was fun...had a blast! Can't wait to see what else this small little world has to entertain me with!


Job Interview!?!?

So when I got back from Midland yesterday I got a phone call from Azle ISD. They wanted me to come in for an interview today for a Kindergarten position. As hard as it is...I knew I had to tell my work...just because teaching is what I originally planned on doing when I took the job. So I called the boss and told him what is going on...he then proceeded to tell me that he understood but really wanted me to stay on with them. Oh but wait..it gets better. He then tells me that if me and the other girl that I work with wanted to take on just a few more responsibilities then he was willing to split another person's salary between the two of us...instead of hiring another person. Or he could just hire someone else. Well see the other girl only works 3 days a week as it is right now...so that would mean that I would take on a little more than half...which is fine...because then I would get paid more of course! So here's the dilemma... do I go teach and and have all the pro's with that or do I take a whole lot more money? I'm stuck...I just don't know now. I would have to work at a high paying district for at least 5 years just to make what I could be making in just a few months...but still...there are a lot of +'s of teaching too! Any suggestions??